We passionately believe in giving opportunities to musicians in the early stages of their careers. We’re privileged to not only have our stage filled with talented young singers, but in ‘the pit’ too. The ensembles that have accompanied our performances are also been comprised of accomplished players looking to gain more experience in the world of opera.


Each year we aim to bring opera to people who have never seen one before. Sometimes this means performing in venues closer to people’s everyday lives, from a pub in Wales to a riding school in Sussex. By making the productions as accessible as possible, often in English and with a pre-performance talk, it’s great to see so many families in our audiences too.


From the children’s workshops to our joint collaboration with Opera Prelude this year, education is proving just as powerful as performance in getting new audiences interested in opera. In 2013 we raised enough funds to provide bursaries for some children to participate in a 5 day opera workshop that culminated in them performing alongside our main cast in Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel on the London stage.


Providing a vocally safe environment for singers to rehearse and perform in is key to our work. Sometimes operatic roles demand huge amounts of stamina. An over-intensive rehearsal schedule, or too many consecutive performances can put a singer out of action.

The quality of the performance is paramount to everything we do, and combining these highest musical standards we set ourselves with real on-stage drama takes time, commitment and a love of the genre from all involved.